The Way We Think Determines “Normal” For All Of Us – Worker Or Entrepreneur – How Can You View Your World?

The Way We Think Determines “Normal” For All Of Us – Worker Or Entrepreneur – How Can You View Your World?

I had been just studying your blog publish compiled by an very smart & gifted lady about offices, jobs & home… also it got me considering the way we watch our world.

Whether there’s an worker mindset or perhaps an entrepreneurial mindset determines what we should consider “normal.”

Would you view your world in the point-of-look at a business owner or being an worker? Neither point of view is wrong – it simply affects the way you consider your world. What’s considered “normal” by one wouldn’t be considered “normal” through the other. Take our office atmosphere, for instance. Employees consider their office at the office an ordinary working atmosphere. A location to “get work done” and also to “make a living.”

Again, nothing wrong with this…it always pays the debts. And, to a lot of, it is a satisfying existence full of goals, responsibilities, promotions & success.

Entrepreneurs think differently

It helped me understand that my look at “normal” is extremely as an entrepreneur’s. And exactly how I consider my office, workplace & office at home aren’t exactly “normal” either — a minimum of from your employee’s perspective.

Worker Offices

Exactly what do a lot of us picture whenever we discuss our office? Many immediately consider their 6’X6′ cubicle at the office full of documents & a pc crammed in a single corner. We are created to believe that we’re fortunate when we acquire one of individuals hanging cabinets around the cubicle “wall” to cram MORE documents into. A campaign means a workplace with real walls – but we sacrifice a lot more of our time from the office for your “privilege.” We get a chair on wheels that, if you’re much like me, you need to write your company name on somewhere nobody is aware of then when it will get stolen, you are able to go think it is and prove it really is yours. Seriously, this occurs in my experience.

This is actually the space we’re grudging given to do our responsibility for 8 hrs each day, five days per week – minimum. The majority of us don’t understand we literally spend 40 or even more hrs per week (under your own accord) inside a space that’s considered they canrrrt be humane for prisoners which have committed murder within the U . S.

It’s not only not big enough, but when it’s like mine, it’s 5-feet high walls (with no door) to provide an incorrect feeling of privacy. False because, trust me, everybody can hear every word you say.

While giving us this false feeling of privacy they’re really completely blocking our look at the outdoors world. Many workplaces intentionally block views from home windows. I have seen cubicle walls installed at the front of home windows – purposely. Why? Home windows are distracting and never favorable to productivity. Paradise forbid you need to take a few minutes to savor your day by looking out a window.

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