Women within the Hospitality Industry Are Held Back by Workplace Barriers – As Well As Their Personal Choice?

Women within the Hospitality Industry Are Held Back by Workplace Barriers – As Well As Their Personal Choice?

Women executives within the hospitality industry aren’t evolving as rapidly his or her male counterparts are. With the advancements ladies have accomplished, as well as the increasing quantity of women CEOs and millionaires, what else could hinder they from gaining a benefit- or at best equal footing- with male executives within their industry?

The main reason may surprise you.

Inside a study conducted through the HVS Executive Search in August 2013, nearly all women executives aren’t evolving, not due to traditional workplace barriers such as the dominance of males in high-ranking positions.

It’s really much more of an individual choice.

Yes, women executives, based on their solutions within the survey, are hindered not by others but due to their own decision. Their priorities are shifting. Personal priorities now weigh greater than career advancements.

Personal Priorities-The Brand New “Glass Ceiling” for ladies within the Hospitality Industry

The standard glass ceiling was centered on typical workplace barriers like:

Inhospitable corporate culture

Insufficient careful career planning and planned job assignments for ladies

Insufficient mentoring

Poor possibilities from managers

Social exclusion


Previously, incidents where reason that such barriers are extremely subtle that employees couldn’t easily see them.However, these roadblocks aren’t the primary problem any longer.

Likely to inner fight happening in many high-powered women. The difficulties they face today are frequently self-enforced, particularly the problem of prioritizing personal goals, like family, relationships and work-existence balance.

As a result, the standard glass ceiling is not relevant – a minimum of to women executives within the hospitality industry.

Based on the lead author from the aforementioned study, Juliette Boone, both women and men agreed there are barriers towards the growth of women to top executive spots, they also agreed there are personal priorities which have greater influence more than a woman’s career progression.

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